how do you sell old sealed whiskey?

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how do you sell old sealed whiskey?

Unread postby scottleblanc » Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:23 pm

I have a collection of old sealed whiskey that I am trying to sell but not sure where to sell. I live Massachusetts any ideas? Ty are all sealed with tax tags intact I have several sealed bottles of diff types of alchol I have a 1983 VO Seagrams 750ml with box, sealed with intact tax tag, I have 4 200ML bottles of crown royal with tax tags intact from 1977,1972,1969,1982. I have a 1.75 liter of Harwood Canadian sealed with intact tax tag, and have a one quart bottle of Graves Grain Alcohol with intact tax tag do not know year but def. older as it was bottled by C. H. Graves Distilling Co., Cambridge MA and I can't find what year they stopped distilling it in MA and sold it to Maine. Anyone know where I can sell them let me know thanks!
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Re: how do you sell old sealed whiskey?

Unread postby wchurst » Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:38 am

There are 2 ways to go about selling your bottles: The first is to find a good auction house like Christie's or Bohams (if it's a good bottle), and have it appraised for auction.
(Usually they will waive the appraisal fees if you place your bottle at auction with them, but expect that most auction houses will take a 20-30% cut of the final price.)

The other way to sell your bottles, is to contact an independant Vintage Spirits Appraiser that also handles private sale: Independant VSA's often have a large resource of
contacts that may be interested in your bottles, and you will often get a better "end price" for the bottles this way, as you are not having to pay high auction house fees to
attract buyers to you - Instead the VSA will take your bottle to known buyers that will offer you the best prices, which is usually on par with current auction results.
***Independant VSA's can work for either the buyer or the seller, and usually work on a 10-15% commission. (The commission being paid by whomever the client is.)

I'll drop you a private message, and help you find a good VSA in your area that handles private sales also!

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