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Delaware Phoenix Rye Whiskey

Unread postby Mike » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:39 pm

This whiskey, a gift from Cheryl Lins of DP Distillery is Bottle #73 from Barrel #1, 100% Rye Grain (malt and grain) and totally Pot Distilled. I will leave it to Cheryl to offer more details as to its provenance. I believe it was aged in a 10 gallon barrel (number 2 char) for a few months?

I have had Cheryl's Rye Dog and found it to be a beautifully clean distillate with huge grain presence and overtones of anise and mint. I still have some and enjoy and marvel at its controlled explosiveness each time I sip it.

Now, as I take it, 10 gallons of distillate in a small barrel exposes more of that distillate to the charred wood, effectively hastening the aging process. This rye is a medium to light amber color.

The nose is true to the Rye Dog in that it is proud of its grain heritage. One cannot miss the wonderful aromas of the dried rye grass that is so redolent of a beautifully maintained farm. In the nose one also finds a bit of mint, some fresh from the oven bread, some ginger, some cloves, and a hint of cinnamon. The nose is rich and intense with character.

The taste is true to the nose. There is a pure, clean, crisp, and slightly sweet grainy opening gambit that quickly gives way to the ginger/cinnamon/mint at mid-palate. The taste has a sharpness that is not cutting, a quickness that is not deceptive, and a refreshing cleansing rush that is not overwhelming.

Cheryl's rye is a whiskey drinker's whiskey. It harkens back to the days when the grain's presence in the whiskey was valued.

If you knew Cheryl Lins, as I have recently come to know her, you would not be surprised that she can produce a whiskey of such quality. Making whiskey is, above all else, being attentive to the details and Cheryl and this rye whiskey are of a piece (how could it be otherwise?). Her character lives in this rye.

WOW, I know of nothing like it on the market........... and nothing better. But, I hasten to add it is, in my opinion, for the experienced drinker. Its full robust character might very well overwhelm a novice drinker........... but then, I could be wrong about that!!
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