Comments on whiskeybreath`s review of Old Forester

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Comments on whiskeybreath`s review of Old Forester

Unread postby forumadmin » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:30 pm

This is an automatically created topic for discussion about whiskeybreath's review of Old Forester.
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Unread postby Birdo » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:30 pm

Hey Whiskeybreath, I would value your opinion on the new Old Forester. I might get a bottle of the 100 BIB version soon. I thought the standard 86 proof new stuff was pretty good, flavorful without being too heavy.
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Re: Comments on whiskeybreath`s review of Old Forester

Unread postby whiskeybreath » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:57 am

I only recently found Old Forester 100 BIB {I believe they are calling it "Signature' nowadays} at a liquor store here in Florida. Polished off a 1.75 liter jug of the 86 proof a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty good for being 86. I usually don't get interested in anything lower than 90 proof, {the exceptions being old dusties} but made an exception in this case, and am glad I did. Back home in Indiana the Signature Old Forester is plentiful, and is one of my daily pours. I am fond of it. It is one of the few brands left over from the good old days that has not been prostituted. I think it is the oldest brand in the same hands of Kentucky bourbon. That is saying allot. Do yourself a BIG favor, go get a jug {1.75 liter} of 100 proof BIB Old Forester, and enjoy it. I perfer mine with just a cube or two in an old fashioned glass. Sip it neat out of one of my double-shot glasses too. I REALLY :drunken: like those double-shot glasses!
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