Pics of Glenn Creek drive through Woodford County

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Re: Pics of Glenn Creek drive through Woodford County

Unread postby RobotAZ » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:17 pm

Kinsey Worker wrote:I disagree that Brick warehouses are not condusive to high quality aged whiskey. When i worked at Publicker 90% of our Whiskeys were aged in Our 14 brick explosion Proof warehouses and our Whiskeys were some of The best Ever made! We had systems to cool them and heat them floor by floor. I consider our Warehouses to be some of the Best ever made for the aging of Whiskey to make them the most flavorfull of that time.
Kinsey Worker
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I recall the tour guide at Buffalo Trace saying that Blanton's ages in the iron clad warehouse that Blanton himself built and that it yielded a better bourbon than their brick warehouses. At the time, I assumed that this may be the case due to brick having a slower heat-to-cool period because of it's ability to hold more energy. It seems to me that judging one against the other would have to include whether or not it has heating/cooling. A heated/cooled brick building could easily have quicker and more drastic extremes than an iron clad with none. Just my $.02.

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Re: Pics of Glenn Creek drive through Woodford County

Unread postby cowdery » Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:57 pm

Obviously, good whiskey can be made in masonry warehouses. It's just a matter of preference. Some distillers prefer one type or the other. There's no right answer.
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