Bourbon in Denmark

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Bourbon in Denmark

Unread postby Bas » Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:48 pm

We ( me and my girlfriend) visited Denmark for the holidays this year. As most of you know or don't know liquor is very expensive in Scandinavia so on my way overthere i stopped in Germany to purchase a small supply of bourbon for the holidays.
Just before i left i searched the directories of whisky magazine to find some adresses in the neighbourhood to visit when i was overthere.
I only found 1 adress - not very hopefull.
As we had beautifull weather(time flies when you having fun and a drink) i ran out of bourbon a little faster then i planned. :lol:
In a local brochure i found another 2 shops ; 1 in Skive and 1 in Lee which both sold whisky - maybe bourbon too??
The one in Skive only had a canadian rye and the shop in Lee( ) was closed for the holidays ( always a pity to find that out after a 2 hour drive). The shop was near a house in a small village and for what i could see through the window , no bourbon.
I found another shop in Viborg which sold bourbon but as i asked for bourbon the lady knew whisky but what was bourbon???
I found a few bottles hidden behind some Irish whiskey(which sold probably better). He had a van Winckle, Bookers, Basil hayden, wild Turkey but sadly he asked ridiculous prices. Almost twice the price in Holland and we pay twice of what you pay in the US.
Then i thought of that 1 adress i had found on the net. So i went to see what kind of shop that was.
As i arrived there i did not know what to expect, maybe another shop near a house or what.
'The Shop' was near some offices and it looked as an office itself only a barrel outside told me that i was at the right place. Mac Y in Frederiks. Image
I stepped in and asked for someone who spoke english and the next question was if they sold bourbon and if i could buy some.
Yes, i have bourbon; he said. Follow me. We entered a small storage room where there where over a dozen bottles open or half fulled for tastings and i knew i could at least find something here. BUT 'i have more he said and we entered an bigger storage room where there where pallets full of all the stuff of Buffalo Trace. Oh man, heeeeeeeeaveeeeeeen. Boxes full of Buffalo Trace , Sazerac, Elmer T Lee, you name it.
I got hold of a bottle of Eagle Rare single barrel 10 YO which was specially selected by Elmer T Lee for Mac Y for their 10th anniversary ( ... ductId=773 ) and a bottle of Elmer T Lee's single barrel Bourbon. It seems that i had entered the office of one of the biggest suppliers of liqour in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and that they actually only deliver to specialised
shops and restauarants but as they didn't get people from Holland everyday, he made an exception for us. I also found some new miniatures ( which i collect) so my day, was a happy day. I also bought an bottle of Ron Milonario Solera 15 YO ( for my girlfriend. This is good stuff also and i must confess that i never looked at rum in this kind of way. I poored in my coke and thats it but i never enjoy(or looked at) it like the way i do with bourbon -- pure, in tumbler. So next time i run out of bourbon there is always rum :lol: . We where both surprised by the kindness of the salesman. He took a hour to lead us through the storage room , showing us all kinds of bottles, letting us taste the rum which he himself was particurarly fond off. So herewith i would like to say thanks to Kjeld Bitsch from Mac Y. He reminded me as he gave me his card -- it's a German name !!!!.
What did i pay- well; i won't tell :wink:
The next day we visited the Aquavit distillery in Aalborg. We had a tour through the distillery and although it is not a whiskeydistillery, because the proces is similar it was still very interesting to see.
We where told that they used to make whisky also but as people expect whisky to come from scotland and not from Denmark the product did not sell and production was stopped. An old still outside is the only souvenir of that time. Image
On our way home today , we stopped in Rendsburg to visit mr kruger from . He runs a very nice shop there and i was able to see his collection of minibottles. I also bought several new additions for my collection.
All in all i had a very nice holiday.
Oh, and the country is nice too. :lol:
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Re: Bourbon in Denmark

Unread postby bunghole » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:33 pm

Thank you so much for your story and photos, Bas. Your girlfriend is very lucky to have a man as good as you are. I can not even begin to think of going into a liquor store, or bar and finding no bourbon at all! You did very well indeed, and I applaud your efforts! Well Done Sir! I am proud of you.

"A Kind Word Never Broke A Tooth."
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Re: Bourbon in Denmark

Unread postby Bas » Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:18 am

bunghole wrote: Your girlfriend is very lucky to have a man as good as you are.

I keep telling her that too :lol: .
Actually, it is a bit of a bribe.sssst.

Forgot to tell that the Aquavit Company (actually V&S Distillers) also were taken over by the Paul Richard Company.
This deal came through 2 weeks ago.
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