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Unread postby brendaj » Sun Sep 18, 2005 10:35 am

I gots it in my mind that you will just bounce right back.

Yer a sweetie! Yep, I bounced right back alright... :? .

Got everything cleaned up and headed over to the Festival. Managed to watch Jim Beam win it all at the Barrel Rolling Championship. (Took some photos that I will post later this afternoon) Had to head back to the house to unload the chip on my camera. When I walked in, there was water all over the damn floor again! Went into the utility room and the ceiling was ready to fall on my washer & dryer. It seems that my poor landlord paid a plumber weekend rates to replace a perfectly good water heater... :( The leak was actually coming from his apartment upstairs. I now have a bathtub full of drywall and really need a shower, and the whole thing has somehow killed my air conditioning too... :roll:

But, I'm gonna take one for the team, and head over to the Festival looking like a baglady... :lol:
There will be photos!!!
As a Kentuckian, I consider it my civic duty to drink Bourbon, smoke and bet the ponies. Its a tuff job, but someone has to do it...
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