That's the last straw. GOODBYE!

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That's the last straw. GOODBYE!

Unread postby EllenJ » Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:14 pm

Okay, here we go... again.
This time the crasher is "sew69ko41", whose message is (if you bother to translate it) that he can obtain bootleg Nike sports shoes for you.
This board is the only one I've seen that gets plagued with this sort of thing, and it happens so often it makes me very uneasy about the security here.
I hope any personal information I've posted here isn't being harvested by "sew69ko41", or other customers of his. Notice that he is a registered "member" now and has access to the Watercooler and other member profile information. Thanks a lot, board security folks!
I'm gone.
I would appreciate it if those who know my regular email address will notifiy me when it's safe to come back here, if it ever really is. But in the meantime I feel that only a total fool would post anything on this board when there are so many other, more secure blogs out there.
Bye! It's been great, and I hope to meet you in other venues.
(the "Jaye" part of "L 'n' J dot com")
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