Two of Beam's best - Knob Creek and Baker's

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Two of Beam's best - Knob Creek and Baker's

Unread postby Mike » Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:57 pm

Though Baker's is a bit higher in alcohol than KC, it is not as robust in flavors in my opinion. Baker's seems more a brother to Jim Beam Black in its softer sweetness than does KC. I cannot say with any certainty that the mash bill is different for these Beam boys, but KC seems to my palate to have a good deal more rye and maybe a different yeast strain than does Baker's. At first blush the KC seems to be higher in alcohol, which, in my opinion, means that less of KC's bite is coming from the effects of alcohol evaporation and more from yeast and rye.

Baker's, on the other hand, needs no water at all to tame its alcohol because it is well under the control of the barrel's vanilla and caramel sweetness. Also, the KC spent two more years in the barrel and came away with more of the oak dryness and tannins.

I suspect that about 70% of the time I would prefer KC for its standup straightforward backbone..........but there is that other 30%, when Baker's holds sway with its more subtle backporch at sundown approach.

It makes not one whit to me who makes 'em, I likes 'em. I believes both belong right near that top shelf. I strongly believe they are different recipes and or different yeasts, cause while they may be cousins, they ain't brothers. Beam Black and Baker's are brothers. KC is more a brother to Old Granddad by my lights.........a few years older and a bit drier, a bit richer, and more tannic (and a better bourbon for it, much as I love OGD).
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Re: Two of Beam's best - Knob Creek and Baker's

Unread postby Rickey Rotten » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:01 am

I like both Knob Creek and Bakers despite disliking Beam Black. Some seem to think that is inconsistent but who am I to tell my taste buds what they like.
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Re: Two of Beam's best - Knob Creek and Baker's

Unread postby fixbonz » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:26 pm

i'm not a huge fan of beam black either, and kc is my daily drinker. i would have always given the nod to kc over bakers until i uncorked one of the old label bakers. i've sampled it on many occasions, and it's a cut above kc to this mouth. i need to do a taste test between old and new bakers i guess.
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