Knob Creek Single Barrel

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Re: Knob Creek Single Barrel

Unread postby cowdery » Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:37 am

If you want your whiskey to come out of the barrel above 50% alcohol it's risky to put it into the barrel at less that 55-57.5%, unless you make sure the barrel is in a fast-aging part of the warehouse and even then you can't be sure the proof will go up. Woodford is presently experimenting with some <50% distillation and barrel entry proofs, on the assumption that the whiskey will retain more of its flavors from the fermentation and be more active extractively in the barrel.
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Re: Knob Creek Single Barrel

Unread postby gillmang » Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:59 am

On water addition, I really do feel this is completely arbitrary, in the sense that historically whiskey was made a certain way and people accustomed to that taste including even at barrel strength when spirits were only available in that form. Some people probably added water to tone down the strength and taste, and the modern 80 proof bottlings are a legacy of that.

There really isn't anything good or bad about tasting at 100 proof or 70 proof, it just is. Whisky can't be labelled as such under a certain strength (80 proof), so that settles that for the floor strength. In the end it is palate preference that counts, which is determined by many factors. And hence the availability of different proofs, I always admired Barton with its four proof offerings for VOB, which I hope will be continued. And now barrel proof bourbon is increasingly available.

I agree from a distiller's standpoint, selling lower proof probably makes more money for them. So that is another factor in terms of what is available. I find 80 proof plenty strong and by some criteria (say, someone who only drinks wine) that stuff is firewater! It's all relative, and it's all good (provided a fair price is charged).

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Re: Knob Creek Single Barrel

Unread postby trumpstylz » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:36 am

Just a reminder- I'm pretty sure knob has done single barrel in the past before the Virginia bottling. I remember Sam's Wine having hand picked bottles of knob creek- only once and it was long ago.
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Re: Knob Creek Single Barrel

Unread postby Mike » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:39 pm

The new Knob Creek Single Barrel (at 120 proof) has a wonderful nose with loads of rich vanilla. caramel, oak, leather, rye, oranges, nutmeg, figs, and cinnamon....................and a whiff of Coca Cola!! Exceedingly thick, complex, and hot with spice and alcohol. Even a very small sip has more alcohol than I am willing to tolerate these days.

At 102 proof (42.5 ml of KCSB, 7,5 ml of filtered water), the nose keeps its robust aromas intact and the taste holds its rich viscosity and deep flavors. Sweet corn and vanilla in an intense mix, oak, citrus, nutmeg, figs, all these jostle for space and attention delightfully in the mouth.

In a head to head with Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit (101 proof), the diluted Knob Creek Single Barrel (102 proof) is sweeter because the KS has a higher rye content in the mash bill (I do not know this as an absolute fact, but my palate definitely says so). Both are very rich in barrel flavors and on any occasion, first one and then the other will be favored. At this moment, I prefer the KC.............and, even absent a direct head to head with the standard KC, the Single Barrel seems much the superior.

I paid $36 for this KCSB and find it to be an exceptional bourbon, especially for that price. While, in my judgement, not quite the equal of Four Roses Single Barrel in the same price range (NO bourbon is the equal of FRSB in this price range......and likely never will be), it is better than Booker's. better than the regular KC, and goes a significant way toward redeeming the reputation of Beam whiskey (just my judgement).

Buy a bottle, take 45 ml of the KCSB, add 5 ml of soft water, and you will have a 108 proof whiskey which, in my opinion, is superior to Wild Turkey Rare Breed of the same proof. I can assure you that this bourbon will always find a place, near the FRSB, on my top shelf.

Thanks, Beam! With this bourbon, you are back in the game. Now, please check your barrels for some first rate ultra aged bourbon, surely you have let some sneak past your requirements for regular production? I think KCSB will do a lot to enhance your reputation for producing really premium whiskey...........but you need to do more. In my opinion, the others are still a bit ahead of you. Have you guys had a sip of Parker's Heritage lately? Now, that Beam is making Heaven's Bourbon!!
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Re: Knob Creek Single Barrel

Unread postby bunghole » Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:33 pm

Jim Beam has released a cool little video with Freddy Noe and others about the selection and release of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. It's on Facebook, and I've also shared it on my "wall" if anyone wants to take a peek.
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