Humble request from a novice.

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Humble request from a novice.

Unread postby Stasis » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:19 pm

I'm a brand new member, and I sincerely apologize if this type of post is frowned upon. Please move/delete if so. I recognize this is my first post, and it's already a question, but bear with me... I'm also pretty verbose. Sorry!

I feel like my case is specific enough to warrant a direct topic. I have researched a lot online and gotten good info, but I'd like to ask for help with details and user experience.

I'm new to bourbon. About a year or so. Prior to this I was a Scotch guy, single malt Islay really. Had a decent collection. Still appreciate it from time to time. Bourbon was never a big thing to me, I kinda saw it as a lesser Scotch (I know, I know, terrible!) And then I discovered Basil Hayden. And I know some of you are shaking your head saying: "THAT'S what got you into Bourbon?" Yes. You see, here in Montreal all alcohol goes through the SAQ. I know some states are similar, like PA with it's own liquor board etc. The difference being we're very very limited with bourbons here. There are maybe 10 in total available to me locally and that's an improvement I've seen in the past year. Maker's is always available. One or two standard Jim Beams. Bulleit. Knob Creek. That was pretty much it. Now we get Basil Haydens, Bakers 7, etc. And yes I know those last two are both the same mash and come from Jim Beam. It's not a popular thing. Scotch is also limited, but much less so.

We have Buffalo Trace, Old Forester, Few, Woodford, Wild Turkey and 1792. No real special editions. We'll get Knob Creek 9, Makers 46, Bulleit 10, etc. but that's basically it. And our prices would scare you.

So I have Basil Hayden, Bakers 7 and I got Blanton's Original in the US. I had Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey 81 before. Along with Jim Beam Triple Black and whatever else I could find. I'm from NYC originally and have family in NY, NJ, and PA. I just don't get down as often as I used to, and shipping booze up here is difficult/impossible really.

And now my in-laws are in Miami and want to bring me a bottle or two. I can't taste test, I just go by reviews and names, prices, bottle appearance. I like Blanton's. Baker's is, to me, not worth the cost ($60 here). Basil Hayden is my go to for what I have available, and is also around $60. I'm looking for straight up sippers. Not mixing. No ice. I can handle burn, and cask strength Islays, but with Bourbon I like a smooth sipper. Basically I want a Basil that's not a Basil. I'm open to any opinion, though. If there's a consensus saying "get this" I'll ask for that. Obviously something that I can actually have them find without spending a fortune or going too far out their way. I see over 200 Bourbons at one store in Miami. My mind is blown and I have no idea what to go for. I can't research them all.

Any help is appreciated. Any recommendations. Again, I'm new to this.

I know Islay Scotch. I know gin. I know beer. I don't know Bourbon.

Thanks in advance.
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