Jest messing throwdown

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Jest messing throwdown

Unread postby Mike » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:14 pm

I reached up to the top shelf and pulled my Parker's Heritage 10 YO Wheated bourbon (original cost about $80), jest cause I ain't had none in a while. Setting right next to it on the top shelf was my Pappy 15 YO at 107 proof (original cost was about $80). So, I decided to see did I like one or the other of these on this particular day. Now the PHWB is a barrel proof whiskey and checks in at 127.8 proof. So I decides that I needs to reduce it to about 107 proof for the comparison. Here is how to do that.

I am going to make about 50 mi, so I will need to add some filtered water. If I take the PHWB at 127.8 (I know I need less that 50ml of this whiskey and will add water to that) and multiply that by 40 ml I come up with 5112 what I call proof units.. Now, if my aim is to shoot for 107 proof I divide 5112 by 107 and get 47.8 ml total liquid. So, being a retired government worker, I know what is good enough for government work. So I add 8 ml of filtered water to the 40 mil of PHWB and arrive at 106.5 proof.

It is my opinion that wheated bourbons need more time in the barrel and a bit higher proof than bourbons that have rye in the recipe. They do tend to be a bit lighter. Today's throwdown reveals (to me) that the PHWB is a bit richer and creamier and slightly less tannic. I would say that what the Pappy 15 YO gives away in richness, it gains in subtlety.

By way of extreme contrast, I poured a mite of Ezra Brooks 90 proof (original cost $10). EB is, for the cost, which I think is about $14 now if you can find it in its 90 proof expression (it has been infamously reduced to 80 proof) a wonderful bourbon. I make the assumption that it is 4 years old and it is charcoal filtered, the purpose of which is to make the bourbon smoother by removing some wayward flavors.

I am now caught on the horns of a dilemma. Two of the things I like most in a bourbon are richness and subtlety. The EB, good as it is as an everyday bourbon, is not in this game (unless you factor in cost and also factor in that the PHWB is no longer available and the Pappy has risen to absurd prices. Leaving everything aside but taste, and the limitations of my palate, for this comparision one day I would choose the PBWB, and on another I would choose the Pappy 15 YO.

That said, neither the Pappy, nor the PHWB is an everyday pour. That will belong to many other bourbons, including EB 90 proof, and Old Granddad, which is, to me, a baseline bourbon.
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Re: Jest messing throwdown

Unread postby 393foureyedfox » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:33 pm

i sometimes feel when i read mikes posts that i am reading the transcript of what goes on in his head on a daily basis.....purely honest and just, well, mike.

glad youre back!
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