Let us suppose

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Let us suppose

Unread postby Mike » Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:19 pm

Let us suppose that your bourbon cabinet collapsed (I am guessing that mine contains something over 60 bourbons now, it once held over 100) and all the bourbons that you, through the money you earned with your hard work and frugality, was lost. With your own experience as a bourbon drinker being your guide, and with an eye toward frugality (but not being too cheap), which ones would you consider, from among those pretty readily available, as essential to replace? I know some of you would not consider my choices as aiming at frugality, but then my choices would not be yours, and yours are yours.

I would certainly buy the following:

Evan Williams Single Barrel - from Heaven Hill (nicely soft and subtle)
Wild Turkey Rare Breed - from Wild Turkey (rich creamy WT with spice)
Four Roses Single Barrel - from Four Roses (fruity and spicy)
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - from Jack Daniels (smooth and subtle with a hint of the maple char)
E. H. Taylor Single Barrel - from Buffalo Trace (good all rounder with nice but contained sweetness)
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked - from Brown Foreman (the taste of well aged bourbon, and because I like what Chris Morris does with bourbon)
Old Granddad BIB - from Beam (essential bourbon, everything a bourbon needs is here)
Stagg Jr Barrel proof - from Buffalo Trace (for the richness of the barrel, and to enrichen other bourbons such as the WR)

I estimate this would cost me in the range of $400. If I only had $100 to spend I would buy EWSB and FRSB and Old Granddad. If I only had $30 to spend, I would buy EWSB. If I only had $20 to spend, I would offer to stock the shelves for an hour and buy OGD BIB. If I only had $10 to spend, I would buy EW Green label.
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Re: Let us suppose

Unread postby Squire » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:09 pm

We're pretty close Mike. From that list I would choose:
Evan Williams Single Barrel
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Four Roses Small Batch (over the Single Barrel), and,last but not least,
Old Grand Dad BIB

If frugality was the controlling factor it would be:
Evan Williams Black Label
AAA 10 Star
J.W. Dant BIB (or any HH BIB) and, of course,
Old Grand Dad BIB

If I were down to counting the coins in my spare change jar it would be:
Old Grand Dad BIB and a six pack of whatever beer was on sale.
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Re: Let us suppose

Unread postby 393foureyedfox » Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:14 pm

Dickel 9 year
Old Scout barrel proof Rye

that satisfactorily covers most any mood
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