Single Barrel Tastings

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Single Barrel Tastings

Unread postby Brewer » Sun Nov 28, 2004 3:00 pm

Mark & I got together yesterday with our wives to have a relaxing day along with some serious work. That work included tasting a number of single barrel bourbons. We tasted 3 years of Evan Williams Single Barrel vintages: '92, '93 and '94; our Buffalo Trace Single Barrel; Rock Hill Farms; Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit; and the Ezra Brooks 15 Year Old Single Barrel. We've both posted some tasting notes in the "Reviews" section, so check those out, but just to summarize we enjoyed all of these with the exception of the '92 EWSB. We both thought it was not up to par with all of these other wonderful products.

BTW, we also had some very fresh and tasty brews as well! :D

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