Straight off the shelf, y'all, still warm from me hot hand.

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Straight off the shelf, y'all, still warm from me hot hand.

Unread postby Mike » Fri Oct 05, 2012 5:23 pm

I been awaiting and awanting to try the new Heaven Hill 'Larceny' bourbon. I purchased a bottle today for $20. I understand that it is a 'wheat' bourbon designed to compete with Maker's Mark. I believe this 'Very Speical Small Batch' bourbon is said to be composed of bourbons between 6 and 12 years of age. I find it to be certainly worth its asking price. I find it to have the Heaven Hill house soft sweetness, with a bit more peppery spice and a slight edgy cast in the finish. I have no Maker's on hand with which to make a comparison, but I do have some Weller 12 YO. The Larceny (my opinion) has a spicer ending, with as I noted above, an edgyness that gives the finish more length........ but at something of a cost to the flavor. I think 'Larceny' is strongest at mid-palate where the barrel flavors predominate. I prefer the Weller 12 YO, it has more subtlety to my palate. My mind is already playing with the idea as to where the 'Larceny' might best serve in a vatting. It will have to include a means of taking the edge off the finish.

Another whiskey I bought today is BEER BARREL BOURBON from New Holland Artisan Spirits out of Holland Michigan. Now, y'all and all, I consider this more or less a 'novelty' whiskey........ for $26, I was willing to see how it tastes. The label says that the New Holland Brewing Company gets their bourbon from Indiana. They say on the bottle that it is first aged in new oak barrels for a few years and then finished in beer barrels for three months. Strange to say, I actually like it quite well. The nose has a decidedly beery background to it...... not at all (to this nose) unpleasant. The beer barrels seem to 'round' the edges of a very young bourbon and give it an unexpected twist that in some ways mimics more malt in the recipe (no surprise there, eh?). I did not know what to expect from this whiskey and thought the hops might make it too bitter. Not so! I sit here with a bottle of 'Larceny' close at hand.......... and drink the Beer Barrel Bourbon by preference.............. amazed I am!!
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Re: Straight off the shelf, y'all, still warm from me hot ha

Unread postby Rassig » Tue Dec 25, 2012 4:42 am

I purchased the New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon today. I was curious about the concept when the regular price was $29.99, but when I saw one sitting in an endcap marked at $24.99, I thought "done deal" given the positive experiences I've had with their beers and much more expensive other distilled products. I was less than impressed with Beer Barrel Bourbon due to it being too young for my tastes, nevermind the esophageal burn even after the 2nd or 3rd sip. Some interesting tastes... including the aforementioned "beery" overtones and some nice mid-palate flavors. However, I've had much smoother bourbons at under $20. Even Cabin Still at under $10 goes down the hatch smoother than this. Sorry I'm not more articulate in providing a more detailed description despite me having 25 bottles of bourbon in my home collection. Sad to say, IMHO the New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon is an interesting concept gone wrong.

I would purchase another bottle of Larceny at the $24 I paid for it. I was unconvinced at the title and initially thought the marketing was silly. If it's made by Old Fitzgerald, then just call it what it is. Especially if the bottle has the $10 rebate tag on the neck, go for it. I actually enjoy the Larceny as much if not more than my bottle of 12 year old Old Fitzgerald, for which I paid much more.
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Re: Straight off the shelf, y'all, still warm from me hot ha

Unread postby gauze » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:33 pm

haven't seen the larceny yet but I am an old fitz bib fan, will try
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