Zachariah Harris bourbon

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Zachariah Harris bourbon

Unread postby Rotgut » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:54 pm

I was in northern Wisconsin this weekend and stopped at my "regular" store along the way to pick up my yearly supply of Fleischmann's Rye when I came across this new-to-me label.

The label looks like it's trying to mimic Evan Williams. I'll post a picture if I can find my camera, but if you check the Sazerac website they have the pictures of the bottle and labels.

The bottle says "Distilled, Aged and bottled by Glenmore Distillery, Louisville, Kentucky." I only just now noticed it's got the customer comment and website listed as If I had seen that I'd have been more excited to try it. As it was, being a fledgling bourbon enthusiast I picked one up anyway, a 1.75l plastic bottle for around or slightly under $20.00. I'll have to find my receipt to see exactly what it cost. I wish I had checked the EW 1.75 for a price comparison. Anyway, I'm glad I got a jug to try, but I won't rush out to get it again. If you want a glass of "that'll put hair on your chest" bourbon, this is it. It burned all the way down.

For however reliable the internet is, on a whiskey rating site it says, "According to the filings with the US Tax and Trade Bureau, it is made anywhere from Barton Brands in California, Sazerac in Kentucky, and Buffalo Trace." I haven't had time (and may not make any) to try to verify this.

Has anyone else seen and/or tried the stuff?

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