There do be times.

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There do be times.

Unread postby Mike » Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:08 pm

Now, y'all and all, there do be times when there is nothing in this wide world that compares to having a sitdown with a fine bourbon, therewith, letting the damn world lie at your feet. I be sitting here sipping on some WL Weller Centenial bourbon that is simply wonderful.

Me dog, Barleycorn, is telling me what a wonderful guy I be (hoping for another sip his own self), but as yet I am unmoved by his flattery. But the bastard knows full well that I am a sucker for compliments (who ain't?), so in the end he will slip the bottle slyly from me hand for the reward he knows he is due.

If I know my dog, and he damn sure knows me, he will shortly begin to hum a cowboy song....... he knows that when I get aholt of a great bourbon, I just natural born gravitate toward cowboy songs....... yep I think I heard a bit of 'git along little doggies'.

There do be times when the company of a dog (note that I do not use the word faithful in reference to this mutt) is a blessing. But!

There do be times when the company of a manipulative and selfish mutt can try the patience of a bunghole (saint). This dog is available to be hauled off for them as can afford his tastes, and his know it all attitude.
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