Which labels have limited distribution outside KY?

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Which labels have limited distribution outside KY?

Unread postby Steve40515 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:37 am

Greetings all. I browsed through the forum and couldn't find a similar thread, so I figured i'd start one!

I've been living in Lexington for almost two years now and have been enjoying the bourbon. My father also likes bourbon and since i'm headed back to PA to visit I figured i should bring a bottle with me. My mother suggested I bring home a bottle of Woodford Reserve but they can buy that at the liquor store 2 miles from their house so i'm not sure what the point is (other than it's probably $2-3 cheaper here).

So, it got me thinking: What bourbons are difficult to get outside of Kentucky? A few that came to mind:

Very Old Barton, especially the 100 proof Bottled-in-Bond
Ancient Ancient Age 10 year
Old Weller 12 Year

And these are all Buffalo Trace products. Any others? I had both the AAA10 and the OW12 when my father visited last year and i'm not sure he really loved either one. He did take a fancy to the Rigdemont 1792 and the Four Roses Single Barrel (both available in PA, although more expensive).

The last bottle I purchased was Old Charter 10 year old. I'm not sure how limited the distribution is but i'm nearly certain it's not available in PA. I was thinking it might be interesting to taste the OC10 and the AAA10 side by side - same age, same distillery, different mash bill.

Sorry if i'm rambling -- but what about Hancock President's Reserve? I've seen it at Liquor Barn but haven't tried it. I may have to research, I wonder if it is the high-rye (AAA10) or low-rye (OC10) mash bill?
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Re: Which labels have limited distribution outside KY?

Unread postby MauiSon » Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:59 am

Four Roses products are not distributed in Hawaii and the only Buffalo Trace product I've seen is Blanton's Original. How's that for limiting selection?
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