Bourbons Enthusiasts ought to mess around with their bourbon

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Bourbons Enthusiasts ought to mess around with their bourbon

Unread postby Mike » Sat May 05, 2012 7:28 pm

I was asipping some Heaven Hill Parker's Heritage Cask Strength bourbon (129.6 proof) with some needed water. The bourbon was cut to a bit under 100 proof and lost some of its character......... and the finish suffered a mite. To give it a bit more of a finish, I added a skosh of 107 proof Pure Kentucky XO at 107 proof. Now, let it be known, up front, that I think Pure Kentucky XO is an excellent bourbon, with lots of barrel qualities. The PKXO brought the Parker's up to snuff and gave the finish the length I wanted. Bourbons lovers need to muck about to suit their own palates.
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