Save me from indecision!

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Save me from indecision!

Unread postby WhiskeyBro » Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:19 am

Hello, first post here. I'm calling on you bourbon experts to help lend a hand to me. Whenever I go to the liquor store to buy a new bottle, I freeze up. The selection is simply too much! I agonize over which bottle to pick - which is better? Which is a better value. It's maddening!

So, as I finish my bottle of Elijah Craig 12, I'm looking for a new bourbon. I've been thinking about getting something single barrel, in the $28-40 range. I've been trying to decide between:
A.) Eagle Rare 10 ($30)
B.) Evan Williams Single Barrel ($28)
C.) Four Roses Single Barrel ($40)
D.) Wild Turkey Rare Breed ($40)

So, I beg you for reccomdations, for support. Maybe even throw out suggestions for stuff I might have overlooked. Bourbon is great because even some of the cheap stuff can surprise you. As a refrence point, the Bourbons I've so far enjoed are: Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey 101, Elijah Craig 12. I really liked the Wild Turkey a lot, I'll admit.

Thanks for you help, guys!
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Re: Save me from indecision!

Unread postby RandyG » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:37 am

Welcome Bro. I'm no expert. Not by a long shot, but I have a few decades under my belt. It's only been the last few years though, that I have started trying all the wonderful choices in bourbon we have today. Before that I was always a Woodford man.

Your on the right track. That WT101 is, in my opinion, one of the best (if not the best) value poor out there. Definately try their Rare Breed! A little heavier than the 101 and one of my top three right now. It doesn't get much better in my opinion. Their Kentucky Spirit is really good as well but a tad more ecpensive. The Evan Williams you referred to is another excellent choice. My [2000] bottle was a little on the lighter side, but excellent. Four Roses SB, really, Really good stuff. I have not tried the Eagle Rare. To your list you might want to try the aforementioned Woodford or maybe the Willett Pot Still Reserve. Both have a similar taste to me (excellent by the way). Some that I have been wanting to try, and hope to do so shortly, are Rowans Creek and Rock Hill Farms.

Good luck on your journey and cheers,
Mr. G
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Re: Save me from indecision!

Unread postby vince » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:51 pm

All of the bourbons that you mentioned are very good to superb. In order of preference I would rank them...

1) Four Roses Single Barrel
2) Wild Turkey Rare Breed (and if you liked to 101 this is a must have)
3) Evan Williams Single Barrel
4) Eagle Rare

If you are looking for a great value bourbon and you can get your hands on Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond I would jump on that. Also, Old Forester Signature is excellent (and at a great price) as is Old Weller Antique 107.

Enjoy the journey!
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Re: Save me from indecision!

Unread postby William » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:22 am

I dont like Wild Turkey like a lot of people on here, and have just bought my first bottle of Four Roses yellow label because of the great reviews of it on here, I would buy the single barrel of Four Roses personally unless you like a lot of kick in your bourbon. BTW, its much less here in Austin at Specs than you listed it. So I would find a warehouse like seller and check their prices. They are always different state to state or seller to seller, but I think you should shop around for value.
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