Bourbon T-Bone or Club on the Grill

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Bourbon T-Bone or Club on the Grill

Unread postby dnsouthky » Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:50 am

Let yoour T-Bone or Club soak (can use any other cut you want) for at least 2 - 5 days in the frig. adding enough bourbon to soak the meat.

The number one most important thing is to get good quality aged meat. No matter what you do you can't turn cutter and canner grade steak into an enjoyable meal the only thing you can do is cover it up wih A-1. It doesn't matter if its grass fed or grain fed start with a good quality piece of meat to begin with. (I buy a cow at market price (stock yard price) thats been Grass Fed from a farmer I know since I no longer run beef.) I either split it with a friend or keep the whole cow. I then have the slaugher house to hang it at least 10-14 days before having it cut up to age the meat)

Turn and roll the bag to making sure the bourbon comes in contact with all the meat at least twice or three times each day.

Take out of the bag pat dry then Salt and Pepper. Allow the Salt and Pepper 30 min in the frig. to work into the meat while it drains. Then Grill how you want it Rare, M-Rare, M-Well, or God forbid you are like my wife and demand it Well Done thus cooking it dry and having wasted the Bourbon and only gained at best a few more days to age the meat if anything at all.

Another way of doing it is to also add the Salt and Pepper in the meat and bourbon in the frig. but you wil still want to pat dry and put back in the frig. for 30 min. to drain.

I add fresh hickory that has been soaked in water for a couple of days to the edge of the coals once they have burned down to smoke the meat while it is grilling and close it up except to turn the meat.

Following these instructions if you need steak sauce it wasn't good meat.
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