Wild turkey 81

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Wild turkey 81

Unread postby barrelslime » Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:08 am

Have been meaning to try this for some time and ran across a bottle yesterday.
Overall a nice refreshing drink. A little different taste makes me want to go back and try it again. For a low proof juice I really liked it.
First impression, love the sound the cork makes as you pop it out of the bottle.
Nose, not a complex aroma. Bourbon jumps out plain and simple. Floral,llittle acetone, dried friut, a little sour apple, a touch of leather.
Taste, First taste a lots of rye and pepper. Second much more toned down with more flavor and after that it is very mellow.
Vanilla, rye, wood, mint, dry fruit, carmel, sweetness.
Finish. Mint. Feels like you just put a breath mint in your mouth. Nice long mild finish for a low proofer.
Conclusion. I really like this bourbon. It's smooth to drink and has a very appealing finish. It's quite refreshing and will find a permanent place in my cabinet.
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