Cedar Ridge Distillery- Iowa Bourbon

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Cedar Ridge Distillery- Iowa Bourbon

Unread postby edvargas1CBC » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:02 pm

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Cedar Ridge
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Cedar Ridge Bourbon-Iowa Bourbon

Bottling: Barrel No. 116/ Bottle 134

Well was not sure what to expect but this is a good bottle of bourbon. It a sipper.
Tasted straight.

Nose: Sweet. Caramels, Berries, Concord Grape Jam. Some tobacco.

Entry: Sweet, Berries, Jams, Maples. Oak and rye come in late at the entry
Mid palate: The sweet notes hold on the oak and rye go away. Understated spice note. Very low on the spice. Little to now metallic or iodine here.
Finish: Spice come up late lingers. Still very understated spice. Metallics and Iodine appear here but go away quickly. Sweet hangs on to your lips

Overall: Very nice sipping bourbon. I would keep this in my collection. Its flaw for me is its understated spice note. That's what is holding it back from excellence. But, this is a nice bourdon. Well balanced but towards the sweet side but very smooth. Reminds me over Older rare bourbons I have tasted like older Elmer T. Lee before it went into square bottles.
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