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Old Heaven Hill Reviews

Unread postby Fluid Power » Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:33 pm

I know I'm new here and this is such a small issue, but the Old Heaven Hill reviews are all messed up. I have a number of local Liquor stores that STOCK Heaven Hills Distillery Old Heaven Hill, Bottled In Bond, 100 proof (5 year old) and Old Heaven Hill, Very Rare, 86 proof (8 year old). Most of the reviews for both of these are all messed up. Unless this offering has changed in the past. I really can't review them due to the messed up listing. See attached photos (from web) these are exactly what I have and have been drinking. Please correct me if I'm wrong (I'm a newbie to this). The Review for the Very Rare lists it at 100 proof, which you can see from the photo it is not. Just want to help so it is correct.
Old Heaven Hill Very Rare.jpg
OHH Very Rare
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