"Old Relic" Whiskey (burbon)?

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"Old Relic" Whiskey (burbon)?

Unread postby Ian » Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:42 am

My dad received a bottle of "Old Relic" whiskey years ago as a gift. My mom gave me the bottle as she was emptying out her liquor cabnet. I have searched and cannot find any info about "Old Relic" whiskey. The seals across the top of the bottle are in tact, and they say "Made in Spring 1913", and "Bottled in Spring 1919", so apparently I'm looking at a 91 year old, unopened bottle of whiskey (burbon). I have checked out the info about The American Medicinal Spirits Company, but can't find this brand among their stock. Anybody out there heard of this brand? Any idea of value?

(I have pictures, but for some reason, this board wouldn't let me attach them, even though they are smaller than the size limit)

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