Bourbon Supreme Rare info??

Have an old/rare bottle you'd like some more info on?

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Bourbon Supreme Rare info??

Unread postby Hvymtlmama » Mon May 24, 2010 11:43 am

Hello! We came across a bottle of Whiskey back in 2004 when my husbands grandmother died. Her husband was an alcoholic for years. I am trying to find out it's age, worth, history, etc. Not interested in selling it or drinking it. (Well, MAYBE drink it one day!) It is a 200ML (6.8 FL OZ) bottle. Three lines on the bottom of the bottle read:

69 1858 27
Liquor Bottle
80 04

"Bourbon Supreme Straight Bourbon Whiskey"

States is was Distilled in Illinois - 80 proof
Bottled by American Distilled Spirits Company Dayton, N.J. - Plainfield, IL

Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
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