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liquor tubes

Unread postby Ldon » Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:14 am

i have some awesome liquor tubes from world war 2. they have been passed down to me from my great uncle. he served in the navy and was in hawaii' think they came from there. dont no if t5hey were on a ship. they have us navy mess on them. they are old mr boston brand. i do believe this may be the last set in existence. i have been in contact with a few navy museums and they are amazed at them but can give me no information on them. they have never seen them themselves. they are to young i suppose. i am looking for someone that has everything and looking to buy something very rare' a wealthy person that wants something his best freind wont be able to get one of if you no what i mean. i have pics but it wouldnt go. so i am just going yo post for now. e mail me if you want to see pics. i will try to figure out tomorrow how to post pics. i would like everybody to see them. sip responsably. well since i have posted i have seen 7 other tubes on the net. they were not navy though and the labels were different.. any feed back would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking. i do check daily
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