Mount Vernon Rye Whiskey - Pre-Prohibition Unopend?

Have an old/rare bottle you'd like some more info on?

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Mount Vernon Rye Whiskey - Pre-Prohibition Unopend?

Unread postby SBoatwright » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:26 pm

Hello all - I have an old bottle of rye whiskey that I can't seem to confirm the date of. If there is any Rye Whiskey guru that can give me a few seconds of there time, I would appreciate it.

I know that this is the "It's Squared" Mount Vernon company and not Mt. Vernon, but other than that - I can't be sure.

I just don't know enough about Whiskey to know if the wax seal and cap, etc is original and I have a bottle of black gold on my hands!!! I tried to attach my pictures, but couldn't get it figured out.....attached a pdf file of the pictures!

thanks so much in advance,

Cheers - Sara
Pictures of Mount Vernon Bottle
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