A beer throwdown over a salami sandwich

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A beer throwdown over a salami sandwich

Unread postby Mike » Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 pm

Get the picture, y'all.

Before me on my left is a glass of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, vintage 2009. On my right is a glass of Rogue Ales Santa's Private Reserve Ale. In front of me is a salami sandwich (Hebrew National kosher salami - my favorite) on sour dough bread with a smidge of mayo and a slather of spiced mustard.

A friend of mine gave me the Santa's Private Reserve and claims it is as good as Celebration Ale...........and he and I all both agree that Celebration Ale is one of the goodest beers this side of way over yonder.

Now, a sip of Celebration...........ah, so hoppy and spicy......one of a kind.

Now, a sip of Santa's stuff..............ah, so hoppy, spicy, AND very malty.

Now, a taste of that salami sandwich........ah, just what I wanted and such a complement to these wonderful beers. All this is putting a smile on my mug.

ITS COWBOY SONG TIME!! (When yours truly is in gustatory heaven, as he now is, he always breaks out into a cowboy song............I'm going to Montana for to throw the hulihan, get along little doggies, get along kinda slow, the fire in the snuffy is raring to go..........

Sometimes things is sooo good you just can't hep but sing. Good way to clear out the house too (dog and wife don't care for my howling), sos I can have some eating, drinking, singing, cogitating time to my own self.

Is the Santa's as good as the Celebration?..............I ain't saying.............try for yo own self.
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Re: A beer throwdown over a salami sandwich

Unread postby madooeiei » Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:33 am

so hoppy and spicy......one of a kind.
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Re: A beer throwdown over a salami sandwich

Unread postby RandyG » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:23 am

The last Santa's I had was ptetty good but I prefer their standard Dead Man's Ale. Good stuff.

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