Sometimes, it 's the small things!

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Sometimes, it 's the small things!

Unread postby Mike » Thu May 03, 2007 1:36 pm

Like a salami sandwich and a Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale, a beautiful combination.

Brings to mind when I was a cowboy, (I loved being a cowboy, especially when it was a double feature) and was involved in a shoot out at the Liar's Corral. I seen the whole thing through a crack in the wooden fence I was ahiding behind. Both them fellers missed three times before being run off by a lady with a frying pan........ah, them was the days!

Good beer and good salami, made for each other. I bet I could tolerate another sandwich to go with this 'nother beer Imo have.

You know, I tried wearing my six shooters backwards like somma them cowboys did and all's it got me was a sprained wrist........but I made up for it by doing a damn good bow-legged walk!
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