Bottling beer today

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Bottling beer today

Unread postby Mike » Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:10 pm

My beer making friend/partner and I are bottling our homebrew today. It is supposed to be like Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. I will let y'all know how it turns out in about a two months or so..........we will have a tasting party, probably in early June.

Brewer, send me your address via email and I will send you a bottle and also send along those two other beers I promised.

Speaking of beer, last week end I was down in St Augustine FL with a couple of friends in my Travel Trailer (I completely forgot to take pictures). Naturally we had some beer and other spirits. We visited the A1A Brewpub and found the beer very mediocre and the food only slightly better. From St Augustine we went up to Savannah to spend a couple of days.

Now, the Moon River Brewpub there has some great beers. Their IPA is excellent, but the Double IPA........that baby has some hops and is very, very, tasty. For special customers (I guess that included my friend and I since we went on and on about how good the beer there is) they offered a Scottish Ale that was terrific. I like McEwan's Scottish Ale a lot, but this one is better........a bit more hops and not quite as sweet as McEwan's.

If you happen to be in Savannah, don't pass up a beer treat........go to the Moon River Pub. Ask for the Double IPA and the Scottish Ale, you'll be glad you did!!
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Unread postby gillmang » Fri Mar 31, 2006 5:01 pm

One time I was in Miami and there is a beer bar there, in a residential part of town, it's Miami Beach but in a bit from the sea side.

This was one of the most interesting beer bars I've ever been in. There were different drafts but the local (Florida) craft ones were mostly if not all from a micro in or around Clearwater. Unexpectedly (to me anyway) they were of a high strength, about 8% ABV- 10% ABV or more. One was a barley wine and I think another was a Russian Stout but there were 4 or 5 in total of this group. They were very good. One pint of these and my head was spinning! There was one cask ale, medium gravity, I recall it was from Geary's in Maine. I thought it a bit odd to bring a cask beer from so far away. When I mentioned that local beers tend to suit the cask ale style someone in the bar said, I think a customer, "well with beer there's always another one to try that's sure". :) In fact though despite the distance from brewing source and the heat outside the Geary's was in good shape so the bar owner knew what he was doing! I went there a couple of times two years ago on a vacation in Miami Beach and the second time I had two halves only of two beers that were 10% ABV approximately each, so unlike the first time when I had (kind of unknowingly but not really) two pints of 10% beer I could taste them better. :) The owner was a nice person, he was from the North East originally I think. I've been in a number of beer bars in my time and this one was one of the most unusual. I can't remember its name but I am sure it is still there. It was a well-established little place that had a good local following.

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