AreAre Dickel 2003-06 batches not as good as 2010-11?

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AreAre Dickel 2003-06 batches not as good as 2010-11?

Unread postby ChewyLeatherTobacco » Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:42 am

I Like DIckel. Ok. It's the Best! I am not here to troll but simply i can make sense short.

anyone opinion if they have had 2010 to 2011 bottles and also 2006 to 2003 and maybe before pre late 90s too.

also any uk dickel buyers on this site let me here what you think.

my 2 UK Dickel imports (12, Select) where they simply Duff cask or something else. too young. too aged.
i felt the corn let me down.
Also one current site says on 12. from over aged stock from the warehouse so you'll be laughing.

the empty glass on both smelt 100% the same as the very good dickel (pre 1998).
Like that fresh buttery yeast, corn dough, dusty scent. That dickel smell.

select 2006. strange corn. burn toast. acidy. so much wood. any butter notes hardly surfaced. toastin my throat

no 12. strange corn. burnt. toasty. fresh buttery not surfacing.
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