Scotch and Peanut Liquor A Edinburg Express

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Scotch and Peanut Liquor A Edinburg Express

Unread postby Kinsey Worker » Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:10 pm

When I worked for Publicker they made a Liquor made with peanuts called Peanut Lolita and their Bar Tender School made a drink Called "Endinburg Express" the recipy was on the Back of each Bolttle of Peanut Lolita and it was 1 & 1/2 shots of Scotch and 1 Shot of Peanut Lolita! I am lucky enough to own many cases of Peanut Lolita and No one makes a peanut Liquor we were the only Company to make a peanut Liquor that I know of.

It is one of my Favorites be it just the cheap modern version of Inver House or a better Scotch it is one of my all time favorite drinks! I just got done having one for Old Times and I very much enjoy some Scotch for a change of pace. my liking of Scotch comes from the fact that it was Continental Distilling under Mr Simon Neuman that made Scotch something the regular Working person could Aford. Our Inver House became one of our all time sellers and while Mr Neuman Lived people were able to get all kinds of Great Scotchs at great prices.

It was also Mr Neumans Idea to petition the Government to let them send used Bourbon Barrels to Scotland to be used for scotch after we asked so did everyone to be on the Bandwagon to do it!

I hope that someday someone will make a Peanut Liquor as it is one of my favorite Mixes for Scotch And Bourbon and Peanut Lolita is made with Bourbon!
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