Speyburn 10 yr Scotch

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Speyburn 10 yr Scotch

Unread postby Kinsey Worker » Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:25 am

I did not drink much scoth when i worked for Kinsey I drank Inver House Scotch, it was their most famous blended scotch. After reading an artical about Inver House now owned by another Company being named Distiller of the year I decided to try one of their Single Malt Scotchs. I bought a bottle of Speyburn 10 yr Single Malt. I find it to be a very nice Scotch for the price. It comes in a pressed Steel can can has a smooth fruity smell. I think for the price it is hard to beat. When a friend took me out for dinner before a phillies game I had a shot of Glenlevit and found it to be nice but after buying this I find it every bit as enjoyable and for allot better price. I will make it my Single Malt of Choice. I still even though it is cheap like Inver House Blended. The One Scotch I have always wanted to try but can't be gotten in the USA anymore is Pinwinnie 12 yr Blend Scotch it too was a Publicker / Continental Distilling Brand in the days I worked there. You would get a specail box a velvet Bag and a solid brass metal with it! It came in what they called a rocker Bottle rounded bottom like a rocking chair Bright Green.
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