Longrow Single Malt

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Longrow Single Malt

Unread postby Brewer » Sun Jun 24, 2007 12:19 pm

I've recently been enjoying a bit of Longrow's 10 Year Old, 92 Proof Single Malt. It's distilled by the folks that make Springbank, so you know its made by people who know how to make a great Single Malt. Thought I'd share my impressions with those of you who also enjoy SM's.

Uncut, the color is gold. When swirled around my snifter, the liquid really clings to the sides of the glass. The aroma is that of peat, salty sea air, leather and oak. The taste is very enjoyable, especailly if you like a peaty Single Malt, although its not nearly as peaty as the Islay malts that I especially enjoy. That said, in addition to the peaty flavors, I find an initial malty sweetness that's very enjoyable, which leads to a lot of saltiness. It is very smooth and easy drinking! The finish is long and satisfying. Lingering flavors of malt, peat, smoke, and oak hang around for a long, enjoyable time. These flavors fade very slowly. I consider this a very good single malt, and well worth seeking out if you enjoy Single Malt Scotch.
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