Single Malt Scotch

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Single Malt Scotch

Unread postby Brewer » Sun Oct 17, 2004 1:01 pm

Whisky Viking,

I read your post in the Bourbon, Straight forum and noted your points regarding Single Malt Scotch. When I first got into Whisk(e)y, my preferred beverage was SMS, in particular the Islay Singles. I know that many say that it takes some getting used to the flavors/aromas of those whiskies, but I gravitated to them right away. In particular, I love the Laphraoig bottlings, especially the cask strength version. I also think very highly of the 16 YO Lagavulin which I know is now in short supply. Bowmore also makes a variety of good Singles. I've come to really enjoy the Bruichladdich products. I had the good fortune of tasting the 1970 version at WhiskyFest NY in 1992 and it was superb! Unfortunately, it is in such limited supply that I believe its about $300 per bottle, which is way too rich for my blood. Speaking of that 'Fest, I also had the 30 YO Laphraoig...very, very good, but again too expensive.

Regarding other Singles, I think that Springbank is excellent, I enjoy Macallan, and I think Talisker is another very good drink. I like the peppery flavors that are evident in the Talisker.

I've grown away from Singles though, and have been enjoying my explorations of bourbons much more of late.

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Unread postby tlsmothers » Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:06 pm

I was pretty wowed by a couple of Highland malts today that I thought were worth mentioning. Here's my quick and dirty tasting notes:

Edradour 10 year: color of orange blossom honey, nose was really soft and floral with some violet, mouth was full with heather. Finish very sweet

Cardhu 1975: beautiful amber color, intense full bodied whisky with a salty finish

Signatory Mortlach 1988: lightest of the three and should have been tasted before Cardhu, definitely had the most burn on the finish. After the first two, this just lost out. Wasn't quite fair to it.
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Unread postby The Whiskey Viking » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:28 pm

Hi Brewer,

It took me some time to discover the joys of the Islay Whiskies. I’m ashamed to say that my newly discovered love for bourbon and rye, has left me depleted of any Islay. If you ever have the chance try the Lagavulin 17 YO. It’s a 16 YO that has been re barrelled in Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks – it’s even more rounded.
If you want a punch in your stomach try the 12YO Lagavulin cask strength. I don’t care so much for the Bruichladdichs and the Talisker though.
As I mentioned the Longrow from Springbank is an excellent marriage between Springbank and the peatines of the Islays. It’s only produced once a year. They simply clear their entire production line, mashing bills and what have you not and produce the peated Longrow version.
I think I’ll never grow away from Islay whisky but it’s not a must have though I plan to get one or two Islay bottles within the foreseeable future.

The Whiskey Viking

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