Login problems fixed.

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Login problems fixed.

Unread postby Chris » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:23 pm

In an effort to eliminate the issue of people getting "you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts" messages and having to solve the CAPTCHA, we have blocked several anonymous proxy networks. ALL of the hacking attempts were coming from these IP addresses, and since we have blocked them a few days ago there have been 0 attempts...

If you havent logged on since all this started, you may get the message and be required to solve the captcha, but the problem shouldn't return... Unfortunately this may block some people who were using the anonymous proxies to get to the site legitimately, but the alternative is to leave them unblocked, inconveniencing every user of the site every time they logon...

We have also blocked large amounts of China, Bulgaria and Russia's IP space due to the large amount of spam/fake registrations from those areas (and the fact that we have had 0 legitimate users from those areas)
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