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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:38 pm
by Kinsey Worker
On monday I had the day off so I went to visit Ludy with some questions about One of Our special Whiskey's Old Treasure 12 yr Old Blended Straight Whiskey's. It was Distilled In Belgium and I found out from Ludy that we Owned a small distillery There. When I started at Kinsey in 1966 Mr Bill Theodosis was the plant Manager he died suddenly at age 38 about a couple of weeks after I started there. And it was Bill that Si Neuman sent to Belgium to make sure everything was operating right in the very early 1950's when it opened!

Ludy said Bill over there close to a year in the early 1950's and he was a great friend of Ludy's so he would write him and send him post cards from there. Ludy said to Me Ziggy as a Company man and a Big Boss Bill Theodosis was better to the men then any Union person that was ever there a fairer man and Kinder man as Boss could not be found.

Anyway once the Whiskeys came of age 12 yrs they started shipping different Lots of straight whiskeys over to Phila and up to Linfield where they were Bottled. And I was Lucky enough to have a friend give me a full pint of this wonderful blend of straight whisekys that was in his fathers spirits cabinet never opened and it is a wonderful woody flavorful Whiskey.

From what Ludy told me the white oak used there for the barrels was from Germany and most likely gave it a special and differnt taste, I can say a remarkable Whiskey.
Pictures of Bottle below

I also asked Ludy about some devises I found in the plant that looked like metal Baskets turns out they are goverment Locks for Valves on whiskey holding tanks. There were sizes for all valves and I have two sizes which I will post pictures of soon. You would run a wire through the two holes one on each side and then the Govenment man would put a Govermnet seal so no one could tamper with the amount in the tank.

I found these two in warehouse C where mine and Fricky's barrels came from there are several tanks in there.

One last thing This Sunday April 11 I will be donating a wonderful 48 gal whiskey Barrel from the same lot as mine and Fricky's 3/22/71 from Rye Mash to the Limerick Historic Society. I will also give them a laminated Paper stating that I am donating the barrel and that Fricky did the repairs on it and that I am donating it in Memory Of Mr Si Neuman chairman of Publicker Industries from spring 1933 through 1976 in honor of what a great place Kinsey was to work due to his Leadership!
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:13 pm
by Kinsey Worker
Here is a Picture Of Harry Publicker and Simond Neuman i got from a person I am in contact with now that worked at the Plant in Phila and he has given me permission to use pictures he has. Mr Neuman was chairman of Publicker's Continental Distilling from 1933 till 1951 when He took over the complelte Company that year.

I will be soon posting some pictures from the Plant down there and other stuff. I am very excited about this. I also hope to meet the man who was a high up person with Continental Distilling this summer.
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:22 pm
by gillmang
That is very interesting, Dave, I wonder how Belgium came into the picture for Publicker.

The label states blended in Belgium: is it possible the distillate was made in the U.S. and shipped to Europe to be aged and blended there?

At one time, Americans sent whiskey for aging to Europe because they postponed the tax on it that way: I never heard that that was done as late as the 1950's though. Of course perhaps it was distilled there as Ludy recalls. There were lots of distilleries in Belgium, smaller ones, closing in the 1950's because the market for their hard liquor, called genever gin, had declined. Maybe Publicker picked one up cheap and refitted it.

A very interesting story and good taste notes - German oak, that's cool.

The only spirit I know that is aged - or might be - in German oak wood is Asbach Uralt, a German brandy quite well known in North America. Good liquor.


Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:53 am
by Kinsey Worker
This past Sunday thanks to the Help of Fricky and A professionaal lady where I work I was able to make a dream come true! At 1:15 PM Sunday I donated a semi Restored Whiskey Barrel from the same lot as the One Fricky and mine came from to the Limerick Historic Society for the sake of the History of Kinsey.

Fricky Fastened all the hoops to the staves with scews and wiped the wood down and Shlacked the whole Barrel. The Lady from work took my writtings and a Placard I had saved for this and created a lovely presentation Placard for the barrel.

Many Thanks to Fricky and Val who's Husband also worked in the Bottle house back in the day, and husbands father was an old friend and worked there in the warehouses most of his life retiring from Kinsey.

I donated the Barrel in Memory of Mr SI Neuman who's Leadership made Kinsey the great Place it was and who's leadership made Continental Distilling/Publicker Industries into a 5000 empoyee company and number 445 on the Fortune 5oo back in the day!

Pictures are as follows
1.The Placard created by Val for me donating in Memory of Mr Si Neuman
2.The Barrel Head what a great job Fricky did on this barrel
3. Me with the Barrel
4. The Barrel Sadly I grabed to quick picking it up and knocked it out of fricky's hands so he is going to go back and touch up the scratches in the finish soon.

This has been a work of love and anyone living near Limerick Pa please stop in on Sat May 8th as they are having a big open house and going to show off the Kinsey stuff I have given them and I will be there with some of my stuff and talking to anyone who wants to talk about Kinsey!
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Tue May 04, 2010 12:57 pm
by Kinsey Worker
About two weeks ago I got to walk around Kinsey again and took some pictures which I will post few today. Back when I was young I never in my life thought I would see Kinsey in Ruin.

To know just what I mean you would have needed to see it then in its glory and Beauty. Flower beds trees, lawns that were perfect and the best Whiskys in the world those days being bottled in the most modern and large bottling house in the world.
I have posted some of my pictures some in the 1966 bottling house and a couple of the last surviving 120 gal barrel in the plant. I get so dam mad when I see vandels writing on a historic piece like this old barrel and knocking the head in.

No one seems to care about History anymore and my one goal is to keep Kinsey/Publicker/Continental Disitlling history going for those who come after I am gone. It was a cool rainy Sunday two weeks ago and Kinsey seemed so sad to me like a broken hearted lover at her lost last chance.

One day she was operating and the next she left to rot by a man who never once cared about Kinsey. It is good that Mr Si Neuman can't see Kinsey Now it would kill him He loved the place.
Mr Neuman always loved the Distillery on the River and kept her spotless. Once He died and this man got Kinsey she was single handedly destroyed by Him. All he cares about is collecting Loss.

But back in the day Kinsey was the showplace of Distillery's. Large Flower beds greeted you when you turned in, perfect lawns and buildings no mattter How Old in perfect shape and protected as much as possible.

I loved every day i worked there and curse the day this befell her. It is hard to believe that our Products including M y all time favorite Bourbon " Old Hickory " is gone too!
Kinsey Worker -- Dave Z
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 11:57 am
by Kinsey Worker
Today I have some real cool pictures from the year 1976 of Publicker in Phila, given me to use by My friend I met on the Web Butch who worked for Publicker out of High school for 10 years in Phila.. His pictures ad nicely to my quest to get as much History of Publicker / Continental Distilling and Kinsey as Possible.

The two Gasahol Distilling columes were bought by Publicker from Dupont Company. The pictures show them on the ground and then going up and finally up all the way during 1976.

The two Distilling columes were put on the AA Building ( Acetic Acid ) in 1976 which was the large building standing right next to the Walt Whiman Bridge, on one of the other columes on the building was the Old Hickory ad in neon that I loved so you would see going to NJ.

I hope to Have more Phila stuff to add to the Kinsey stuff very soon boy are those Distilling Columes big they were bought by Publicker from Dupont to get into the Big time gasahol thing but instead went to the scrap heap after Mr Neuman died. I have an original decal that says Gasahol its our future lets go for it. Publicker wanted to get the Government into this to keep us from having any more gas troubles but the Goverment said no way lots of gas!

I hope to get to Kinsey soon again and get some more pictures, but boy what memories I got seeing those Tanker pictures I remember them well coming across the rail bridge and to the back of the plant to the scale & weigh building which is the first picture posted. I also posted a picture I got from an ad for a company called Johnson Brothers of an Old Hickory, Kinsey ads on it delivery truck. I also on Picture 3 have some Letter Head of Publicker Staff and the address of The Walnut Street Headquarters and the Giant Labortatory in Eddington pa, outskirts of Phila.

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Everytime I get into this I enjoy it so look for more soon!
Kinsey Worker -- Dave z

Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 12:02 pm
by Kinsey Worker
Today I am going to post some more Pictures sent to me by my Friend Butch who worked for Publicker in Phila for 10 years. Here are pictures in order with information given me by Butch
1.The Old #4 Boiler Building this picture was taken before the Walt Whitman bridge was built.
2. Swanso & Snyder Ave Plant biggest one in the whole complex. Dsp-Pa-1 on the left and Plant offices on the right where the Car is Parked
3. The AA ( Acetic Acid ) Building taken from Delaware Ave from Phila Industrial Archives because the Crane later that day fell on the Brand new 1951 Ford sitting there.

These last two pictures are of a picture of the Plant done by an artist in the late 1940's for a brosure that Publicker Put out before they went on the stock market. Butch took the picture divided it in two and added notes explaining what each building was starting with the Bigler street Plant Half then the Snyder Ave Section which Butch has told me was the biggest Plant in the complex!
4. The Bigler section of the artist drawing with notes from Butch
5. The Snyder Ave section of the Plant of the artist drawing with notes from Butch.

These are very exciting pictures for me as I did not have any Phila pictures and Butchs help has made it possible for me to show some of the Giant Publicker/Continental Distilling plant and to talk of its History. 5,000 People worked for Publicker when I worked for them. And it was Mr. Si Neuman who Led the company to become a 5,000 employee number 454 on the Forturn 500 powerhouse company!

It is very Hard to this day for me to believe it is gone but when Mr Neuman died Publicker/Continental Distilling and Kinsey All Died. Ten years after He died they were all gone.
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 3:39 pm
by Kinsey Worker
Today I want to post about 6 pieces of Old rare Continental /Kinsey Paper work pertaining to Experiments they wanted to do and did and how they were going to do them. I am very fortune enough to have hundreds of pieces of Paper work I saved from Kinsey and these experiments were done at Kinsey. I have many more interesting papers to post in the near future I found these in my stuff getting ready for the Historic Society event.

One of the papers talks about 6 barrels the first gets one Floater the second 2 and so on till the last one gets 6 slabs as they are called on the paper.

Also about the doing of experiments and getting permission to do these things from Internal revenue. They date from 1962, 1970,1971.
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:41 am
by Kinsey Worker
In the last week I recieved some great Pictures from my friend Butch who worked in Phila at Publicker back in the day and I am going to post them now.
Here are 5 pictures from top to bottom

1. The First Bottle House Publicker used the Old Snyder Ave one. There were two more later the Bigler one and then the 1966 Linfield one. Dixie Belle Gin going down through Butchs note says late 1933..
2. A taste test at The Snyder Ave Distiller in 1939 Note the early brand Sweepstakes Straight whiskey bottle on the table far to the right.
3.Publicker Celebration of the 10 Millionith $1.00 Bottle of Whiskey 1934. Ladys name was Pearl Glickman
4. Here is a Picture of The Old Snyder Ave Bottle House taken in 1939 south side of Snyder Ave.
5.Here is a Picture of the Snyder Ave Distillery taken just after Completion in 1934.

I have more pictures to post soon I recieved from Butch and even a couple of shots of Publicker Buildings that still exsist.
These Pictures are very much a part of History and the early years of Distilling Spirits at Continental Distilling at the Publicker Plant in Phila.
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 6:50 pm
by EllenJ
Wow, Dave! The writings and photos you bring to this forum are nothing short of awesome!
I've added another link on our own Publicker/Continental page, mentioning you and linking to our piece on you on our Kinsey page.
It's an honor to know you and to support the work you're doing.
I'm anxious to see if you've inspired any other ex-distillery workers who might be hoarding pieces of Guckenheimer, or Schenley, or De Hart, or ????? to begin posting about their own experiences.
:salute: :salute: :urock:

Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:51 am
by Kinsey Worker
Here are some more Pictures from my friend Butch of the Publicker / Continental Distilling Plant.
Here is a picture of the Mckean street Barrel warehouse it is giant about the size of two of the Kinsey ones a little differant style building in shape but note the Brick and terriccotta is just like the Kinsey ones and so are the Fan air cirulation holes on the sides. Also it has a fire escape stair well on the far left and the next pictuer is of the other corner and has the regular stairwell. -1.

Corner of the Old Mckean street Barrle warehouse sitll being used. Note its size about the size of two of the Explosion proof ones at kinsey a differant shape and one extra floor but still alot like the Kinsey ones. It even has two stair wells, corner on this picture and on the picture before a differant type one on the far left corner one would be the Fire escape the other the regular stairwell. - 2.

Picture of the still standing Snyder Avenue Bottling House, still has the word company on the top Continental Distilling Blacked out.- 3.

Swinging Fermentation Tanks in 1936 at Snyder Ave Sitll. -8.
Young Lady 1935 checking Quality ( Quality Control ) -7.

Chemmist Checking Temps at the Snyder Ave Distillery - 6.

Fermentation Tanks At Snyder Avenue Publicker Phila 5.
Gin Room at the Snyder Avenue Distillery 1934 -4.
The operating pictures are very rare not seen before on line pictures and show some of the operation of Continental and thanks to Butch for sharing these with me to keep Publicker alive in History.
Kinsey Worker -- Dave Z
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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:13 am
by mike22487
Hi Dave Z I hope that you recieve my message I sent you on this forum, before I come up to PA. I would really like to meet you so I can hear about the good old days of american manufacturing. I would like to help preserve the past of this place, I probably know who most of the vandals are, and where they live. I even know who caught that trailer full of antifreeze bottles on fire behind the building.

Looking forward to hearing from you
Michael C

Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:07 pm
by Kinsey Worker
A Walk during The Rain In The 1966 Bottling House

Well in finally rained on Sat and i went exploring with my friends who watch the place I took my two new toys my Nikon P-90 Super Zoom 12 mp Camera and my New Nikon S-3000 which has the ability to shoot Black & White Pictures. Setting it to the Black and white mode I shot 112 Picutres also 31 with my new 24 time real zoom camera.
Here are the pictures in order starting with 4 color shots from my Nikon P-90
1.Old Whiskey Barrel filler from warehouse O uses these many timessort of like putting gas in your car but it smelled so good!
2. Switch from the first floor of Warehouse R this switch would be turned on all the time unless there was a emergency.
3. Crouse ? Hines Explosion Proof Sirin
4. The explosion proof main switch when it was still in warehouse R

these are the black and white shots
5. Tank platform at wall before room b in the bottling house
6. Safety Over flow basin on the tank platform
7. Me walking the Tank platform
8. One of the tanks on the platform
9. Scotch Chiller controls at the far back end of the bottle house near the back tank platform
10. Honeywell Quality control disc machine still has disc's for the next day that never came to be
11. Chiller lines at far back of the bottle house room A it all started here.

I think the black & white shots make a very crisp showing of what is left of the Old 1966 Bottle house once the most modern one ever made back in the day when Publicker was King.

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Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 11:53 pm
by mike22487
good pictures, there's some history there that's for sure,

Dave, I couldn't find your posts on the other forum you mentioned to me on the phone

Re: My Days at Kinsey Distillery

Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:18 am
by Kinsey Worker
Today I am posting some more of the Black & White shots I took at Kinsey 3 weeks ago.
1. The outlet lines from the outside black incoming whiskey tanks. Just above them is a ruined Explosion proof Phone
2. Back side of the old safey and antendance and Quality sign near Lunch room
3. These Pumps are in the back tank incoming whiskey area
4. Different Lines running in the bottle house
5. The other side of the safety sign
6. This machine was called the bottle duster it blew any dust in new bottles out before they went to the next room to be filled.

7. The Old Bottle House Lunch room chairs on top of tables waiting for the next day that never came to be. Old Vending machine
I really like the tectures you get with Black and white and had a good time taking these pictures, I hope it helps you all to get an idea of what the bottle house really was back in the day it was the worlds Largest and most modern one in 1966.
Kinsey Worker -- Dave Z
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