Flieschmann's Distilling Company Time Line

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Flieschmann's Distilling Company Time Line

Unread postby bourbonv » Sun Jul 31, 2005 6:25 pm

Here is a time line for the Flieschmann's Distilling Company.

Fleischmann Distilling Corp.

1834 - Charles Fleischmann is born near Budapest, Hungary. (UD
Archives, 992.m.169).

1846 - Maximillian Fleischmann is born in Austria. (UD
Archives, 992.m.169).

1857 - A. Guckenheimer & Bros. of Freeport, Pa. is founded (Liquor Store Magazine, 2/70).

1866 - The Royal Baking Powder Company is founded (1966 Red Book, p.246).

1868 - Charles and Maximillian Fleischmann and James Graff, a
distiller found the Fleischmann Co. to manufacture
compressed yeast and distilled spirits. (Beverage Media
Blue Book, Fleischmann History).

o - Charles Fleischmann becomes a citizen in Cincinnati,
Ohio. (UD Archives, 992.m.169).

1870 - The original Fleischmann plant built at Riverside, Ohio
and it produced America's first distilled dry gin was
manufactured. (Bev. Med. Blue Book, History). Sylvan
Grove is the Bourbon produced at this distillery. (UD
Archives, 992.m.169).

1877 - Julius Wile and brothers Issac and Emanuel start Julius Wile Sons and Co. (Beverage Media, April 1977).

1883 - Fleischmann has a yeast exhibit at the Southern
Exposition in Louisville, Ky. The Exposition runs for
the next four years. (Univeristy Of Louisville
Archives, Southern Trade Exposition Brochure.)

1884 - Fleischmann expands its operations with an office in
New York. (UD Archives, 992.m.169).

1885 - Julius Wile markets the products of Distillerie P Garnier (Bev Med, April 77).

1890 - Maximillian Fleischmann dies. (UD Archives, 992.m.169).

1892 - Fleischmann publishes its "Royalty" Holland Gin
Trademark in Mida's Criterian. (UD Archives,

o - American Distilling Company is organized in Pekin Illinios (U D Archive, American DistillingReport, Feb. 1956).

1897 - Charles Fleischmann dies in Cincinnati. (UD Archives,
992.m. 169).

1900 - Fleischmann introduces Congress Hall Rye in Mida's
Criterion. (UD Archives, 992.m.169).

1901 - Fleischmann opens a distillery at Peekskill New York.
(UD Archives, 992.m.169)

o - Fleischmann Co. builds a new 10,000 barrel warehouse in Cincinnati (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Jan. 1, 1901, page 25).

o - E W Gillet Company Limited, Canadian producer of baking powder and dry yeast, was incorporated (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1908 - Fleischmann start to distill an Eastern Rye Whiskey
made completely from Rye. (UD Archives, 992.m.169).

1910 - Fleischmann starts to sell cordials. (UD Archives,

1911 - The Fleischmann Company installs new "smoke consumers" in an attempt to reduce Cincinatti's air pollution (Wine and Spirits Bulletin, March 1, 1911, page 61).

o - The 1911 Mida's Financial Index list Fleischmann Co. at 419-21 Plum St., Cincinnati, Ohio with Dy. No. 21, 1st Dist. Riverside, Hamilton Co., Ohio with a capital Value of over $1,000,000.

1912 - The Fleischmann company runs a series of advertisements on page 18, of the Wine and Spirit Bulletin. They have a drawing of the Peekskill, New York distillery.

1916 - Julius Wile adds Burgundies from Chanson Pere et Files (Bev Med, April 77).

1920 - Julius Wile adds Dry Sack from Williams and Hambert to its portfolio (Bev Med, April 77).

1922 - Julius Wile adds Benedictine to its portfolio (Bev Med, April 77).

1928 - American Commercial Alcohol Corporation is formed with the merger of American Distilling Co., David Berg Industrial Alcohol Co. (Founded 1911 in Philadelphia), and the S.M. Mayer Alcohol Co. (founded 1926 in Gretna, Louisiana) (American Distiling Company Report, Feb. 1956).

1929 - Standard Brands Incorporated established (1966 Red Book, p.247).

o - Standard Brands acquired the stock of Chase & Sanborn, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.247).

o - Standard Brand acquires the assets of Wildar Food Products Company (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1933 - Production of Gin is resumed at the Peekskill, New York distillery (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

o - American Commercial Alcohol Corp. changes its name to The American Distilling Company (American Distilling Company Report, Feb. 1956).

1935 - Standard Brands Limited, Canada acquires Western Pure Foods, Limited (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1938 - Fleischmann appointed exclusive distributors for Black
& White Scotch in U S . (Bev Med Blue Book, History).

1939 - Standard Brands sells its spice department of the Wildar Division (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1940 - Fleischmann acquires Daviess County Distillery and
produces Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Bonded Bourbon
whiskey. (Bev Med Blue Book, History).

1942 - Standard Brands acquires the Standard Margarine Company, Inc, Standard Food Products, Inc. and Southern States Foods, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1943 - Standard Brands acquires all assets of London Packing Company, Terre Haute, Ind. (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1945 - Acquires entire outstanding stock of Joseph Oker Sons Company, Cincinnati, Ohio (cooperage formed 1903) (1966 Red Book, p.247).

o - Acquires the entire capital stock of the Churchill Distilling Company of Kentucky (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1946 - Dissolves Southern States Foods, Inc. and Shefford Cheese Company, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1947 - Standard Brands International Inc. is formed as a subsidiary of Standard Brands (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1951 - Bourbon Supreme is introduced (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1955 - Standard Brands International changed its name to International Standard Brands, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1956 - Fleischmann Vodka is introduced to the market. (Bev Med
Blue Book, History).

1958 - American Distilled Spirits introduces Tovarisch/Tvarscki Vodka (Liquor Store Magazine, 2/70).

1960 - Acquires the Planters Nuts and Chocolate Company for $25,000,000.00 (1966 Red Book, p.247).

1962 - Fleischmann Vodka is first made at the Clinton, Iowa distillery (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1974 - Fleischmann introduces Canadian LTD (Bev Med, April 77).

1975 - Ameretto di Amore is the first American made Ameretto (Bev Med, April 77).

o - Standard Brands Acquires Julius Wile Sons and Company (Bev Med, April 77).

1979 - Fleischmann's acquires Inver House Scotch (1980 Standard Brands Report).

1980 - Fleischmann's introduces silhouette Vodka and Cockspur Five Star Rum (1980 Standard Brands Report).

o - American Distilled Spirits Co. Inc. (recently acquired by Standard Brands), introduces the American Vodka, Dunphy's Original Cream Liqueur, and Chase and Sanborn Coffee Liqueur (1980 Standard Brands Report).

1989 - Glenmore acquires Fleischmann Distilling Co. (C Morris,

1991 - United Distillers acquires Glenmore. (C Morris,

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Re: Flieschmann's Distilling Company Time Line

Unread postby bourbonv » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:48 am

Standard Brands acquired Fleischmann's. They also acquired Guckenheimer. The Royal Baking Soda Company i believe was the company that Fleischmann's operated under for their yeast business. I forget who it was that bought the Bourbon Supreme Brand, but it was either Heaven Hill or Barton, but either one could have then sold it to David Sherman.
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