Book Review:The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book

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Book Review:The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book

Unread postby bourbonv » Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:05 pm

The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book, by Joy Perrine and Susan Reigler. The University Press of Kentucky, 2009. Contents, Preface, Illustrated, Glossary, Index, pp.135.

Joy Perrine is the best known and most acclaimed bartender in the city of Louisville. She is currently serving drinks at Jack's Lounge and this where she hooked up with Susan Reigler for this book. Joy has a great appreciation for Bourbon whiskey and loves to create cocktails using Bourbon. She has been collecting recipes for years and this book is a combination of traditional cocktails and creations from the mind of Joy Perrine.

The book looks like the typical cocktail book with a chapter on setting up your bar with the tools of the trade. The next chapter starts setting this book apart from the normal cocktail book as Perrine starts discussing how to make "Infusions" with bourbon and gives the recipe for many diffent fruit and spice infused bourbons. She then starts giving some cocktail recipes for these "Infused" bourbons. Then there is a chapter of "Classic" bourbon cocktails, followed by "Joy's Award Winning Bourbon Cocktails, then bourbon cocktails by the calendar - Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter - cocktails to fit the season. There some bourbon recipes showing the sweet side of bourbon and then recipes from the bourbon distillers. Finally there is a chapter on foods to serve with cocktails titled "Nibbles". This chapter recommends snacks that compliment the cocktails as well as having recipes for different sauces such as "Henry Bain Sauce" and "Benedictine".

The book is very well laid out and looks nice. It is small and easy to carry around and indexed. There are not an abundence of illustrations, but what there are in the book are very well done and in color. This book is a very good book for any bourbon lovers bar library.
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