A Poem from 1870

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A Poem from 1870

Unread postby bourbonv » Tue Nov 14, 2006 12:19 pm

Way down in old Kentucky, where the silvery waters flow,
Where the sofest breezes blow and the richest grasses grow,
There is much to charm the heart of man, as all her sons agree,
Though they seem to take their greatest pride in O.F.C.

Kentucky's Blue Grass region is the garden spot of earth,
It has never known a dearth and each house is filled with mirth;
And allher people are as happy as a people can be,
For besides their other blessings they have O.F.C.

Her women are the sweetest and her cattle are the best,
Honest, this is not jest, so take it with the rest;
And her mile-a-minute horses spread her fame o'er land and sea,
And 'tis said the Czar of Russia drinks her O.F.C.
Mike Veach
"Our people live almost exclusively on whiskey" - E H Taylor, Jr. 25 April 1873
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