Book Review: Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2006

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Book Review: Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2006

Unread postby bourbonv » Sat Aug 05, 2006 10:22 am

Jim Murray'sWhiskey Bible 2006, Murray, Jim. Italy: Carlton Books, 2005. Content, Introduction, Illustrated, pp.336.

There are a lot of whiskies in the world. This book is Jim Murray's attempt to put order on this world of whiskey and to give the reader a point of view as to how that world tastes. Being a book of tasting notes it is only as good as the reader thinks it is. If the reader has taste buds that agree with Murray then it is indeed a "Bible" that should be refered to often. If the reader does not have taste buds that agree with Jim Murray's taste buds, it is still a worth wile book for the index of all of the world's whiskey.

The whiskey Bible is seperated by region with a map of theregion with each chapter, showing the locations of the distilleries in that region. The tasting notes give the basic information of brand, age proof, special fininshes, etc... They also give the whiskey a score from 1 to 100. This is not a scale based upon the average whiskey because the average for numbers of up to 100 is 55. According to Jim Murray's scale a whiskey with a score of 55 is "nasty and well worth avoiding". In reality the scale is a scale from 1 to 25 because the vast majority of the whiskey rated has a score of 75 to 100. There are some exception but even those rarely fall below a score of 60.

This is still a good book for a whiskey library, even if the reader dissagrees with Jim Murray's tastes or rating scale. It provides some information about the whiskey from every part of the world. Jim does a very good job of finding these products and shares that experience with the reader with style.

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