Book Review: Early Kentucky Distillers

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Book Review: Early Kentucky Distillers

Unread postby bourbonv » Sat Nov 20, 2004 11:21 am

Early Kentucky Distillers, 1783-1800 by Willard Rouse Jillson. Louisville, Ky.: The Standard Printing Co., 1940. Forward, Introduction, Bibliography, Index, Illustarted, pp. 63.

This is a publication by one of the early members of the Filson Historical Society. It is a short book with many interesting chapters. The illustrations though consist of two photographs of manuscripts - "President Washington's Commission to Judge Innes" and "President Washington's Letter of 1789 to Judge Innes".

This book is really more about the Whiskey Rebellion in Kentucky than actual distilling. It focuses on the players in the rebellion and how the government achieved a peacefull solution. It does list some of the early distillers and there is an interesting chart in the back of the book of people who owed taxes on their whiskey.

This is a good book to have in the library if it can be found. It was a limited printing.

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