Book Review: Adventures in Dining: Kentucky Bourbon Country

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Book Review: Adventures in Dining: Kentucky Bourbon Country

Unread postby bourbonv » Wed Jul 13, 2005 6:29 pm

Adventures in Dining: Kentucky Bourbon Country, by Susan Reigler. Travel Sleuth: Yountville, CA. 2005. Contents, Glossary, Index, Illustrated, pp.233.

This is a book about where to go to eat, drink and to enjoy yourself while travelling in central Kentucky on a bourbon tour. This book really should be in every bourbon fan's library if they are planning a trip to Kentucky bourbon country. It is well written and informative.

The chapters are broken down by region and include maps to help the traveller to find the many restaurants, bars and distilleries in the region. Each review has margin notes for qick reference detailing such items as cost, smoking policy, type of food, the name of the chef or in the case of a distillery, the Master Distiller. Each site is a single page of information and the text is more description than review but does offer many suggestions to tempt the palate. The bottom of the page often has a brief note or comment relating to the site such as parking hints, special items or nearby locations also worth visiting.

The book is compact and easy to keep in a handy location in the car while travelling. There are many great restaurants in the area and many with great bourbon bars. There is also information on visiting distilleries and telephone numbers and addresses are always helpfull when trying to find these great places. The illustrations are pen and ink drawings of differnet places mentioned in the book. It also has plenty of pages dedicated to making notes so the traveller should keep a pen handy.

This book has one flaw and that is the flaw of every book of its type - The restaurant bussiness is a very fluid business with new places opening and old places going out of business yearly. For the most part the businesses listed have been around for years and hopefully will be around for many more, but that does not mean that some of them may be gone within the next year only to be replaced by others. At the same time there are new restaurants opening every day so the reader is best served by using the book as a starting place to plan a trip and then expand from there. That is why it is good that the author provided the telephone numbers for the places she reviews. Be sure to call first.

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