Wayne Rooney Manchester Jersey canals

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Wayne Rooney Manchester Jersey canals

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It is evident that reduction of litter or waste would depend on the cooperation of everyone and is beneficial at the national level.As such, citizens are once again reminded to be conscientious and to perform their civic duty of ensuring a clean and healthy environment by avoiding littering and inappropriate and irresponsible disposal of waste.This is according to the Environmental Protection Agency,Kieran Trippier Hotspur Jersey UK, which though a statement to the media said that it was vamping up its responsibility in seeking to enforce the provisions of its legislation and the responsibility conferred upon it under the Act against individuals who are found guilty of littering.According to the Act, “Any person who throws down, abandons, drops or otherwise deposits or leaves anything in any manner whatsoever in circumstances as to cause or contribute to, or tend to lead to litter shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to the penalties.The penalties referred to range from not less than $10,000 to $80,000. The EPA is adamant that the provisions and penalties will be enforced against defaulters.According to the entity, with the current heavy rainfall which is resulting in flooding in some areas of Guyana, it was very much evident that the improper disposal of waste contributes to this situation.“In this regard, the EPA appeals to the general public to dispose of their waste in an appropriate and responsible manner and to desist from littering at all times.”It noted that litter or waste improperly disposed of often ends up in rivers, canals,Dede Westbrook Youth Jersey, and drains, pollutes the water supply,Taywan Taylor Youth Jersey, affects aquatic life,Enzo Perez Jersey, and causes blockage of the drainage system which in periods of high rainfall can result in flooding or at the very least,Mamadou Sakho Liverpool Jersey UK, contribute significantly to its severity.“The improper disposal of waste contributes to several other problems. It reduces the aesthetic appeal of the environment including public places, streets, parks,Dorian Johnson Youth Jersey, and waterways…Not only does it present a hazard to humans, but the cost of cleaning it up places an economic burden on society.”The Agency is reminding the public to ensure that waste is stored in a garbage receptacle and that it is collected by the local Authority and is disposed of at a landfill approved by the EPA.“Litter should not be thrown out of vehicles and must never be disposed of in drains or on the street…Burning is not encouraged in areas with a high population density.”In an effort to address the littering and waste disposal problem, the Agency is implementing an Anti-Littering Programme which is aimed at the overall reduction of litter in Guyana.
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