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Hayner Distilling Company

Unread postby delaware_phoenix » Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:18 pm

I was poking around googly books and found some references to the Hayner Distilling Company. Thought I'd share the links. The query hayner rye whiskey brings up a number of entries. There's also a permanent exhibit about the distillery at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio and a link can be found here.

As Mike Veach mentioned in a long ago post, Hayner Distilling was frequent advertiser. The ads promote their aged 7 years pure rye whiskey. They state offices in Dayton, OH and St Louis, MO. (Later St Paul, MN) The distillery itself was located in Troy, OH. Some of the ads are

Munsey's Magaine (1901)
The Overland Monthly (1903)

There's a very nice history piece written on the mail order whiskey business that discusses both the Clark Distilling Co and Hayner. It's a PDF and the link is here. Apparently by 1904 Hayner was mashing 2000 bushels a day and had a very large factory. And there's a bit of history on the Casper Distilling Co, Winston-Salem, NC.

Some happy finds.

One ad mentions that they have 10 government officials overseeing their operations.
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