Ole Smoky Distillery

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Ole Smoky Distillery

Unread postby Birdo » Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:52 pm

Ole Smoky Distillery is a micro distillery in Gatlinburg Tennessee. They sell white lightning and corn whiskey that they make on site. They give out free samples and neither the white lightning or corn whiskey was any good; but it was fun to try as a novelty. http://www.olesmokymoonshine.com/ They sell it on site, but not on Sunday when I was there, but they give out tiny shots for free on Sunday.

We also went to a micro-brewery, and their beer was okay, but I don't really care for beer all that much. They were selling $5.00 drinks with Buffalo Trace and I of course had one. BT is fine stuff. BT might be my next bottle, hummmm...... I found that Buffalo is quite fine and I like it as well as more expensive bourbons.
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