After a great meal (see Recipes forum - vegetable beef soup)

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After a great meal (see Recipes forum - vegetable beef soup)

Unread postby Mike » Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:59 pm

After a delicious meal of vegetable beef soup (general recipe in Recipe forum), I needed just the right finishing drink.

So, I took 30 ml of Maker's Mark (an excellent bourbon for mixing because what it adds is a known qualtity of bourbon sweetness without additional complicating complexity), 10 ml of Sazerac 7 YO rye (spice, fruit, rye type sweetness), and about 3 ml of Galway Pipe Australian Port for a touch of sweet dark fruit richness.

What results is very delicious and interesting stuff. The Galway Pipe (which I recommend to you for an after dinner palate settler) is 18% alcohol and spent 12 to 15 years in the wood and contributes a hearty dollup of dryness to the final product.

This is a really fine after dinner concoction for those of you who like to mess around with spirits and have a palate appreciative of a touch of dryness, along with dark fruit and bourbon sweetness. More bourbon and rye than port or liqueur, it barely betrays the port, while making more than a polite nod to Portugal (via Australia) and its native spirit.

After my second of these, I confess to slight inebriation and a scolding session from the Vet (Doctors cost too much........I take dog pills and cut them in half........dogs have most all the bad stuff we have and I never worry about mange or do believe all this don't you?).
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