Now, what if I............

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Now, what if I............

Unread postby Mike » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:20 pm

Took 30 ml of Jefferson Presidential Reserve bourbon and added 5 ml of baby Saz rye and then topped it off with 3 ml of Pierre Ferand Selection de Anges Cognac? Would I be happy with this spirit? Hmmmm, not quite there...........Barleycorn! got sommit here for you.......good dog........tastes like rabbit, don't it?

What if I took 40 ml of JPR, 3 ml of Saz, and 7 ml of PF cognac? Now, believe it or no, people of the corn and oak, this could be mistook for Pappy 20 at his best.

The JPR by its own self does not have enough body and has a poor finish(IMHO), so I punch it with a touch of Saz to add some Jazz. And, while the JPR has the oak dryness of an ultra aged bourbon, it lacks the delicate sweetness that the best ultra aged bourbons can achieve, so I softens and sweetens with a dribble of superb cognac.

For at least 100 years or so I have been saying that the best ultra aged bourbons (and even ryes) have a wee taste of cognac like delicate sweetness to them. Well, as far as I am concerned I have proven that proposition conclusively by taking a mediocre ultra aged, over priced bourbon and by poking it with the right excellent adjunct spirits, transformed it into something special!

For this achievement, I believe I should be awarded the Bourbon Enthusiast Order of Merit and Extraordinary Service Empty Bottle Award.

Thank You Friends, Thank You!! I am humbly honored and will keep this Empty Bottle empty and never throw it away with the bath water (or the baby therein).
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Re: Now, what if I............

Unread postby PaulO » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:49 am

I have wondered, some people have a great number of bottles open. Has anyone ever just taken a few drops from each bottle until you have a nice dram? :)
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Re: Now, what if I............

Unread postby Bourbon HQ » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:31 pm

I haven't done, that, but when I get a bottle down to about 2 ounces, I pour it into a decanter. I have a decanter with servral different bottles in it. Same thing I guess! It has a bubblegum nose when I let it sit.

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