Black Maple Hill 18 YO Rye

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Black Maple Hill 18 YO Rye

Unread postby Mike » Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:41 pm

Take the Rye-ist Rye whiskey you can find.........and take the subtle-ist whiskey you can find.........and put the two together.

You have BMH 18 YO Rye.

This is a fantastic whiskey. I would have reviewed it again except I already have done forty leven reviews........all singing its praises. It is a world class whiskey........for its wonderful soft agressiveness...........for its ability to startle your palate and soothe it at the self-same time.

If Coke thinks it is the Real ain't seen no nothing yet!! Imo go buy me every bottle leff on the shef of this stuff.
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