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Unread postby Mike » Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:07 pm

Me and the dog have been asipping a sip of Thomas Handy Rye Whiskey. We cut Tom back a bit so's the alkeyhol don't grab aholt too hard in the gullet.

This is a powerful good rye whiskey........I poured a spot on to some silk flowers and they bloomed right out and then keeled over from the effort.....went out in a blaze of glory, they did.......jest like me and ole bunghole (and John Lipman too) will when that time comes for us.

Now, they's whiskey, and then they's WHISKEY! This is some of that latter stuff. It will curl yo toes just like some other things is said to do. It will make you give up being a sensible human being and lead you to ride yo bicycle backward down the street buck naked. It will prove for you that they is some things besides wimmins that are beautiful.

I ain't gone try to rescribe how this whiskey tastes, cause it is way better than any rescription of it and deserves better than to have that done to it. But its got power aplenty, neighbors.

I gave a tiny sip to a cricket and he jumped plumb across the street. I gave some to the neighbor's cat and she recited the Gettysburg Address by heart (the neighbor, not the cat). I gave a sip to the Governor of Georgia and he promised to go back to school to get an education and to support liquor sales on Sunday. I gave a sip to 'W' and he claimed to have at last found a weapon of mass destruction. I gave a sip to a Jaybird and it sang 'Hey Jude'..........all fifteen minutes of it.

This whiskey is one of the most goodest in my cabinet. And you can find it, see what changes it will wring out of you! Just don't try to rescribe how it tastes, cause it will make the fool of you if you do!
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Unread postby TNbourbon » Thu Apr 03, 2008 10:05 pm

Well, damn!...My fool-dom is rescribed :D :
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